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Web design jargon buster

Web design jargon buster

Whilst we always try to avoid jargon when talking customers through their new website, there will ultimately come a time when it’s unavoidable. Especially if David has gone past the current recommended daily intake of caffeine. This glossary of terms should help you navigate some of the buzzwords out there:

Absolute Link or deep link.
This is a link that links to an exact location within your website. A good way to target content, and better than simply linking to your home page.

Also called PPC (pay per click) a very quick way of appearing in the sponsored links at the top of the usual search results. With the help of an qualified Google Adwords manager you can set your daily ad budget and only spend what you need. A Google Adwords manager will bid on your target phrases and suggest more cost effective and therefore less competitive words that you may not have thought about.

At the risk of introducing Jargon into the Jargon buster – this best described as a very efficient web site user interface.

Alt Attribute
This gives search engines a text based description of an image. Also important for visually impaired people who may use a screen reader.

Google Analytics
See who has visited your site, what keywords they have used and where they come from. High traffic is great, but where is it coming from and how long do users spend on some pages?

Broken Links
A link that has lost its desired destination. These can be overcome by adding a custom error page (often referred to as a Error 404 page) – there are some great 404 examples here.

An application used to view the internet, Firefox is gaining popularity along with Google Chrome (our personal favourite)

Copy of a web page stored on your PC. Browsers do this to speed up your experience and only load new content. If your web designer has changed an image, but left the name the same you may see the old file until the cache is cleared (press F5 on a PC to clear the Cache)

Content Management System – an application that makes it easy to update and add new information to a website, WordPress is a very good example of such a system.

Cookies are small data files written to your computer which are used to help websites customise your user experience. Learn about the recent changes to the Eu Cookie Law with the video below:

The method by which Search engines visit your site and record new and updated information.

Cross media
Designers can use a variety of media platforms such as web, print and SMS. View our cross media demo.

Cascading Style Sheets. A method for adding styles to a web page, and also helps to make it more accessible and search engine friendly.

A database will act as a memory for your website recording customer interactions and purchase information. This data can then be downloaded and used to remarker to the customer base.

Dedicated Server
As many sites actually share space on a large web server, a dedicated server is your very own server that you have complete control over. Great for high volume e-commerce sites where any down time is simple not acceptable.

Description Metatag
In search engine results a short description is used to give the user more information about a website. These are often overlooked.

Domain Name Server or Domain Name System. An Internet service which translates domain names into IP addresses, which makes them easier to remember as domain names are alphabetic.

Domain Names
The very start of the web design process. If you require a domain name to be registered , please call us.

Dynamic Content
Content which changes over time or is otherwise reacting to data being sent to it.

Dynamic Languages
Programming languages such as PHP and ASP which build web pages instantly as mentioned above.

The process of exchanging money for goods online.

Entry Page
The page via which a user enters your website – sometimes also referred to as a landing page.

External Link
A link which references another website. The amount of inbound relevant external links to your site help massively with search engine ranking.

A small Icon which appears next to URLs in a web browser. A great inexpensive way to spruce up your site.

A popular standards-based, free to download, web browser.

Animation software that has suffered hugely in the wake of ipads and other non flash enabled mobile devices. These days data is king. New technologies such as HTML 5 are bringing better and more accessible  animation to mobile devices.

File Transfer Protocol. A way to load information onto your web server. FTP details will consist of a username, a server address and a password. With these bits of information your web designer will be able to access your server directly.

The preeminent search engine.

Google Analytics
A free service provided by Google it records information about visitors to your website and illustrates how well your website is performing. We use this tool on our iphones with an App called Bam Analytics which displays the Google Analytics information in a very easy to use ‘just the facts’ format. Great for checking your stats on the move.

Google Maps
Googles online map offered that has now been replaced by Google Plus Local.

Home Page
The main page on your website, get this right and the rest will follow.

The computer on which your website resides, often in a data centre.

HyperText Markup Language. The language in which pages on the World Wide Web are written.

HyperText Transfer Protocol. The way by which data is transferred from its original location on a server to an active web browser.

Internal Link
An internal link from one page on your site to another page on the same site. It is preferential to use descriptive internal linking to relevant content to make it easy for search engines to understand what your website is about.

IP Address
Internet Protocol Address. Every computer on the Internet has an IP address.

Internet Service Provider. Companies which provide access to the web via broadband.

A script that can be used with HTML to provide rich content.

A word or phrase which people use to search the Internet. Try the Google Adwords Keyword tool. You may be surprised what people search for. How do your own keywords fair?

Link Building
The process of building high quality links with other websites. Very important for high page rankings.

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